The Wexford Family

Though the roots of the Innovation Quarter lie with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, it has found a real estate and development partner with Wexford Science & Technology that shares the same passion for encouraging greater collaboration, connectivity and congregation of people and ideas.


Wexford achieves this by partnering with universities, academic medical centers and research institutions to help create and develop vibrant, mixed-use, amenity-rich Knowledge Communities that are built on a foundation of research, discovery and entrepreneurial activity. Wexford joins and stays with its partners through the formation, development and growth of these communities.

Wexford Knowledge Communities operate as a nexus for leveraging academic intellectual capital, innovation and infrastructure; concentrating talent, resources and service providers; and enabling pathways for corporate collaboration, startup creation and growth, place-based networking and idea exchange.

By doing this in a single location, as with the Innovation Quarter, it creates an environment ripe for long-term success for the partners and the communities in which they are located.

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