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Journal Editorial Board Praises Innovation Quarter

Today’s editorial from the Winston-Salem Journal praises the Innovation Quarter’s revitalization efforts:

We’re admittedly impressed with the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. It has successfully revitalized a part of Winston-Salem’s downtown that was effectively lost, increased our city’s status as a biotech hub, created jobs and increased business opportunities, and is just plain fun and pretty to walk through.

The leaders of the quarter are working on a master plan for growth, the Journal’s Fran Daniel reported recently, and it relies heavily on community outreach and collaboration.

“We’re not an island,” Eric Tomlinson, president of quarter and the chief innovation officer for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, told the Journal. “We are part of the fabric of the city, so we look to support the city and its communities, as well as seek their support for what we do.”

That’s wise; if the rest of the community is invested in its success, everyone will work together for that shared outcome.

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