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New Roads and Buildings Are Driving Growth in Downtown Winston-Salem

Downtown Winston-Salem is building on its historic foundation to drive a new way of life. The community has a long history of entrepreneurship and innovation. The city is converting old tobacco and textile warehouses into centers of innovation, biotech and research aimed at changing the economic model and bringing in more jobs. These are new sources of jobs and revenue for the area. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has played a pivotal road through the develop of a new road that will be the main line into the innovation center.

“Historically, this area relied on textiles, tobacco and manufacturing, and with the decline of those industries over the years … there has to be a new source of jobs and revenue for the community,” said Graydon Pleasants, Real Estate Development, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

“From the railroad tracks that had to be relocated to the new road …, the DOT played a pivotal role in being able to develop this park here,” said Pat Ivey, Division Engineer, North Carolina Department of Transportation. “Aside from being the main road that will connect all the different buildings in the research park, this road will connect and provide a link from US 52 all the way to Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard when we close Business 40 for that rehabilitation project beginning in 2016, 2017. It will provide a much needed detour for folks who want to travel into the downtown area from US 52, a link that we don’t currently have.”

Watch this video from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.