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Winston-Salem Journal Editorial: Goler, Truliant among Groups that Set Stage for Innovation Quarter

It’s been said that the beauty of a building has little to do with how long it lasts. It’s the construction of the foundation.

In recent weeks, the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter has received well-deserved national and local media attention for its combination of office, recreation and residential development. While this coverage is accurate, there were a few visionaries who should also be recognized who helped lay the foundation for the area.

If it weren’t for organizations like Goler Community Development Corporation, founded in 1998 with a vision to transform a historic, downtown African American community into a multimillion-dollar mixed-use development, the Innovation Quarter might have been a bit of a tropical island amidst a wasteland. Goler CDC spent a lot of time and money reimagining the warehouses, barbed-wire enclosed parking lots and overgrown, trash-laden lots that would eventually form the northeastern bookend to our city’s entertainment district and our Trade and Liberty streets Arts District.

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