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Find Your Spot
in the Innovation

Today, we’re revealing a whole new look for the Innovation Quarter.

And with that new look, we’re unveiling a new logo, website and simplifying our name to Innovation Quarter.

Here’s why.

How Far We’ve Come

Over the past several years, the Innovation Quarter has reached a tipping point.

The first phase of development, featuring more than 2 million square feet of redevelopment into mixed-use space, is nearing completion, with the addition of Bailey South and Link Apartments® Innovation Quarter. This section of downtown Winston-Salem has completely transformed over the past six years.

This transformation has only been possible because of the diversity of companies, institutions and people that now call the Innovation Quarter home. Five academic institutions and over 90 companies have a presence here. More than 1,800 students come here to learn every day. There’s a growing mix of restaurant and recreation options at everyone’s fingertips.

Along the way we also did our best to listen. We listened to many of our community members and to people who’ve never set foot in the Innovation Quarter. We heard from some who said it is difficult to see how they could fit in with everything going on here. We heard from others who thought “it’s all medical research” until they saw community yoga happening in the park and realized “maybe there’s something more here.”

When we put all of it together, it became clear that, as a community, the Innovation Quarter has evolved into something that’s bigger than just Wake Forest.


We set out to create an evolved brand that communicates anyone can find their spot along the pathway to innovation.

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A New Look and Feel

So, we set out to create an evolved Innovation Quarter brand that could represent a sense of diversity of person, organization and company, a direction that communicates that anyone can find their spot along the pathway to innovation.

We built a mantra around this “Pathway to Innovation” that guided our thinking into what we wanted the new brand to represent: Individually, we are powerful. But together, we can be truly transformative. The Innovation Quarter represents the convergence of forward-thinking companies, people and organizations that have created an ecosystem where ideas can grow, collaborations can emerge, and people can thrive.

Our new colors represent the vibrancy you can find in every corner of our community, from growing businesses to weekend and nighttime events to transformational research. It’s all happening here at the same time.

Our dynamic approach to color means you’ll see different color logos in different settings and applications, a reflection of the dynamic nature of everything that’s offered here.

Our photography uses no stock photos. Every photo you’ll see is of real people who come here every day or of the striking architectural elements that make the Innovation Quarter unique and inspiring.

When you see it, we hope you’ll be reminded of a few things:

  • Inspiration can strike anywhere. In a lab, in a conversation, during a sunny day in the park.
  • Innovation is a journey, not necessarily a destination.
  • No matter who you are, there is a spot for you along that path.
  • And we’re always stronger when we come together to find solutions.