5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Phuzz Phest 2016

3 minute read

Phuzz Phest returns to downtown Winston-Salem on April 15 – 16.

Whether you’re new to the Phuzz Phest phenomenon or if you just want a sneak peak, here’s a quick guide to making the most out of Phuzz Phest, straight from the festival’s founder and director, Philip Pledger.

1. Prepare your eardrums.

While you may know the headliners of Phuzz Phest 2016, like Chairlift and Neon Indian, chances are that much of the lineup might be new to you. To help you prepare for the show, Pledger has made your homework easy. Tune in to the “Phuzz 2016” playlist that he made on Spotify. It will give you a bit of the flavor that you’ll be sampling. Go here for the playlist.

2. Plan for these must-see bands.

Pledger gave us some pointers on the hidden gems of Phuzz Phest 2016. Here are some of the non-headliners that you just shouldn’t miss.

  • Body Games
    “This is an amazing electronic group from Chapel Hill,” says Pledger. The band, formed in 2013, call themselves “music for the masses” and released their debut LP ‘Damager’ in March.
  • Shadowgraphs
    This band from Charlotte, NC was a recent discovery for Pledger. “They have great songs but also super-smart production,” he says. “Their records sound really interesting.”
  • Shirlette Ammons
    A late addition to the Phuzz Phest, Shirlette Ammons is a writer, poet and musician from Durham, NC. “I’m really excited about her performance,” says Pledger.
  • Naked Gods
    This rock and roll band from Boone, NC has been playing music together for a long time, and Pledger calls them “one of the important North Carolina bands.” Their live shows deliver a lot of fun and shouldn’t be missed.

View the full lineup.

3. Check out the non-music events.

Phuzz Phest is more than just live music. Events include a community bike ride, yoga in Bailey Park, a coffee conference on a documentary about coffee and the first-ever Phuzz Phest panel discussion on creating arts communities and culture, led by Eddie Garcia of 88.5 WFFD at the Center for Design Innovation. Learn more about the non-musical events at Phuzz Phest by clicking “Is there anything to do at the festival besides see some of the best live music on the planet?” here.

4. Get your Weekend Passes.

While some wristbands may be available at the door, many venues sell out ahead of time. Your best bet is to get your passes now, so go here to order your wristbands!

5. Just Enjoy.

Phuzz Phest promises to be two days of surprising musical performances by some of the best bands that you’ve never heard of. It’s rare that a musical festival like this comes to you, so make sure you check out the wide range of music being played in your own backyard!