Our Mission

The mission of the Innovation Quarter is to drive economic growth and build a vibrant community.

Aerial view of Innovation Quarter

Innovation Doesn’t Happen in Isolation

By encouraging proximity through shared spaces and diverse business clusters, we foster an intentional system where both individuals and companies can thrive—a nexus ripe for collaboration. It’s a culture where start-ups partner with global businesses, and an academic enterprise finds synergy with a tech company. Here, you’ll find:

  • 3,600+ Workers
  • 1,800 Degree-seeking Students
  • 90 Companies
  • 5 Academic Institutions

About the Innovation Quarter

One of the leading innovation districts in the US, the Innovation Quarter creates an ecosystem where ideas can grow, collaborations can emerge, and everyone can thrive. From startups to sole proprietors to emerging and established businesses, companies in the Innovation Quarter create a vital entrepreneurial community that contributes to national innovation culture and serves the people who live, work, learn and play in and around this vibrant district.

Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem is emerging as one of the most distinctive innovation districts in the U.S.

—Bruce Katz, Author of The Rise of Innovation Districts

The iQ Is a Place for All

Diverse ideas, voices and perspectives are essential to bringing new ideas into the world. We acknowledge the reality of underserved communities both in our society and in our local community and the history that has led to their circumstances.

We’re working to foster an intentional system where we’re not only recognizing but celebrating, utilizing and elevating the valuable perspectives from historically oppressed groups, including people of color, women and our LGBTQ+ community. We acknowledge that our role in the stewardship of this part of downtown Winston-Salem must include continual, intentional work to help bridge physical and historical divides.

Two women participating in a free yoga session in Bailey Park.

Community Impact

Social interaction is at the center of innovation. That’s why the Innovation Quarter features community programs—indoor and outdoor—designed to expand your social circles and make space for new interactions and growth. Five key themes encompass the array of programs open to all, designed to enrich our community. Experience events that will expand your circle, let you explore new perspectives and help you find balance!


Cultural Activities

Explore the intersections of art and innovation through the Innovation Quarter’s cultural events. From pop-up dance performances and film screenings to food trucks and festivals, cultural activities cover a wide variety of programming.

Yoga at Bailey Park

Wellness Activities

Nurture your body and mind by participating in the wellness activities in the Innovation Quarter. Central to the wellness culture in the district are intentionally designed green spaces where you can find your fit.

Two presenters having a conversation during a presentation at Innovation Quarter

Conversation Programs

Engage with researchers, artists and other creative thinkers through Innovation Quarter programs designed to spark collaboration through connection and conversation.

Entrepreneurial Events

Whether you’re a start-up just taking off, an established business or an entrepreneur in the making, the Innovation Quarter has programs and organizations designed to help you find your next step.

Middle school students participate in a STEM program

Give Back

We’re giving back to our community in more ways than one. From co-founding a STEM program for middle school students to hosting local fundraising events, the Innovation Quarter provides inspiring spaces for the community.

Growing Our Knowledge Community Together

The Innovation Quarter has a mission to drive economic growth and build vibrant community. Sometimes a sponsorship is the best way to accomplish our mission. To find out if your organization is a good fit for a sponsorship, read our criteria and fill out a request below.

Two young men smiling at the start line of a 5K race in the Innovation Quarter.