Inmar: Moving Forward in the Innovation Quarter

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Inmar Winston Salem North Carolina

What happens when you make a purchase – online, in-store, at the pharmacy? While you go home with the product, that purchase detail is put into an infrastructure that works behind the scenes to help make future purchases and interactions easier and more efficient by customizing experiences just for you. Consumer analytics like these support an integrated lifestyle that connects your food, medicine and physical activity.

So, where is this infrastructure? A lot of it lives right here in Winston-Salem.

Inmar, a technology and data analytics industry leader, was one of the pioneering companies to choose the Innovation Quarter as its home. Inspired by a new age of digitally savvy consumers, Inmar technology and solutions are influenced by their changing needs and behaviors, illuminated through advanced analytics and behavioral economics. As a result, Inmar continuously develops innovative solutions that help companies grow while providing their consumers with tools to save money, improve health and safety, and more conveniently live their lives.

Watch what happens when access to resources and a community of innovative minds come together with a digitized version of the past.

Ecosystem of the IQ

Why Winston-Salem? Inmar explains how innovation doesn’t happen in silos—thus requiring an ecosystem. See how the Innovation Quarter’s vibrant community is why Inmar has made Winston-Salem its home, how it continues to thrive here and how you can fit into it all.

The role of Digital Analytics

Every time you make a purchase, there’s an invisible “force” working behind the scenes: analytics. Ever wondered how brands and retailers know which products might interest you? Or know when it’s time for a refill of your prescription? Analytics help make connections and reduce the “white noise” so you can save money, improve health and safety, and more conveniently live your life. Learn how Inmar is making the decision-making process smoother and easier for consumers and businesses.