6 Places to Take Pictures in Innovation Quarter, Winston-Salem

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Let these gorgeous places frame your next epic Instagram photo.

It’s easy to capture your best angle—even from a distance—when so many places in our community are vibrant and awe-inspiring. After some strenuous research (read: a bunch of selfies), we’ve selected six picturesque locations in the Innovation Quarter for your next IG post.

The most Instagrammable places in the iQ

1. The “Am I Still in Winston?” Spot: The Krankie’s Block

The Krankies Block. Photo cred: @krankiescafe

Are we in France? No, it’s Patterson Avenue. The European-inspired umbrella alley by Lill Dipper, the plant-covered walls outside of Fair Witness, and the street art adorning the sound barrier near Krankie’s Coffee create a continental ambiance perfect for Instagram.

2. The Art Spot: Long Branch Trail

#WinstonStrong Mural on Long Branch Trail. Photo cred: Walt Unks

They don’t call us the City of Arts and Innovation for nothing. Visit our #WinstonStrong mural on Long Branch Trail or our developing Depot Street Renaissance mural at 7th Street and LBT for vibrant and meaningful backdrops that your friends will envy. Artists: Jessica Singerman (#WinstonStrong) and Leo Rucker (Depot Street).

3. The Iconic Spot: Coal Pit and Smokestacks

The Bailey Power Plant Smokestacks. Photo cred: @TimHutch

It’s the photographic mecca for everything from prom pics to engagement photos to professional headshots. Structural elements like textured concrete columns, bright outdoor furniture, and lush greenery make for unforgettable IG posts. Grab a beer at Incendiary Brewing or a slice of pizza from Cugino Forno after your shoot.

4. The Skyline Spot: Vine Street

Vine Street. Photo cred: @chesliekryst

Whether you admire the symmetry of our restored factories’ exteriors or simply want a breathtaking panorama of downtown, Vine Street is the perfect spot to showcase the city you love.

5. The Greenway Spot: Long Branch Trail

Long Branch Trail. Photo cred: @melissarneff

With miles of greenway to choose from, it’s hard to pick an unworthy spot for your next selfie on LBT. Twinkling lights from the Salem Parkway overpass and the vintage train tracks of the former Norfolk and Western Railway add depth and dimension to any photo. Our favorite place is the wooden bridge that soars over Third Street. At night, the ever-changing light show creates a dazzling backdrop perfect for eye-catching IG posts. Pro tip: Pick a foggy day, and the lights will produce a colorful mist that’s sure to get you a few extra likes.

6. The Historic Spot: Depot Street Renaissance Mural

Depot Street Renaissance Mural on 7th Street between Research Pkwy and Vine St.

Depot Street (now Patterson Avenue) was one of the first prestigious Black neighborhoods in Winston-Salem and a thriving hub of Black enterprise. Stroll over to the Depot Street Renaissance mural on 7th Street between Research Pkwy and Vine Street and find yourself in the middle of a history lesson. Through artist Leo Rucker’s vivid and moving interpretation of this community, you’ll learn about the influential people and places who made this neighborhood a home, from brickmaker George H. Black and civil rights advocates Velma Hopkins and Benjamin Sylvester Ruffin Jr to iconic places of entreprise like The Lafayette Theatre, Pyramid Barber School, LaMae Beauty College, Model Pharmacy at Bruce Building and more.

Honorable Mentions

  • Your iQ Workspace
    Whether from your home office or your Biotech Place desk or lab, there’s never a wrong place to snap a picture.
  • Link Apartments Patio
    Although access is for residents only, you can’t find a vantage point as stunning as this one anywhere else.
  • Art Wall in Bailey Park
    Enjoy this mural by Laura Lashley in the heart of the Innovation Quarter.

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