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Truist Insurance Lunch-N-Learn: Don’t Run Your Business Like a Casino

April 13, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Don’t Run Your Business Like a Casino
You’ve put a lot of time and finances into building your business so why would you be willing to gamble with it and risk losing it all?
All of us have home, auto, and medical insurance and the hope is that we never have to actually use it – but we can rest easy that IF something does happen, our personal finances will not be as severely impacted as they would be if we didn’t have the coverage. Major corporations have the proper risk management and insurance policies in place, but many smaller businesses haven’t taken the same measures to ensure that their business would continue to operate should something catastrophic happen.
Join us on April 13th as we welcome Trey King of McGriff Insurance, who will share with Flywheel members and others the importance of risk management and the different types of insurance that all small business owners should consider having in order to prevent possible loss. King will also share real-life stories of different businesses and how they were impacted when something unexpected happened to their operations.
This is a hybrid event. Please register for in-person attendance through the Eventbrite. There will be light refreshments provided.