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Sponsorship Criteria

We prioritize sponsorship requests and dollar amounts according to their alignment with our mission to grow the local economy and add value to tenants and partners. The Innovation Quarter is a nonprofit organization and has limited funding for community sponsorships. Our criteria for sponsorship includes:

university students engaged in class

Driving Economic Growth

The Innovation Quarter seeks to support entrepreneurial activity and development within the Innovation Quarter, with special consideration given to minority- and women-owned business events, entities or affiliates.

Yoga in Bailey Park

Building Vibrant Community

The Innovation Quarter seeks to support community nonprofits that serve to improve and enhance the lives of others.

Special consideration will be made to activities and organizations that:

  • Support health and wellness
  • Encourage youth exposure to STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts and math)
  • Support workforce training
  • Enhance the arts
  • Host events within the Innovation Quarter that are free, open to the public and encourage a diverse attendance
researchers at winston salem state university

Strategic Business Relationships

The Innovation Quarter seeks to support events, activities and/or organizations that serve to cross-promote strategic areas of focus of anchor tenants in the Innovation Quarter.

Sponsorship Request Form

If you believe your sponsorship request meets our guidelines, we welcome you to complete our request form for consideration.

Sponsorship requests must be made a minimum of four weeks before the event or date of need. The Innovation Quarter Sponsorship Committee meets on a monthly basis and will evaluate all sponsorship requests. The committee will notify you within four weeks on the status of your request.

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