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The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Cover of eBook: Why the Future of Regenerative Medicine is in Winston-Salem

The US Department of Health and Human Services considers regenerative medicine the “next evolution of medical treatments.” The key to fulfilling this legacy and meeting anticipated patient needs will be translating groundbreaking research into globally accessible clinical therapies and treatments — and doing it successfully at scale.

For over a decade, Winston-Salem, NC has been the premier hub for regenerative medicine. This eBook showcases why the city is uniquely positioned to help expedite the delivery of life-saving, regenerative medicine technologies to patients. In it, you’ll discover:

  • Winston-Salem’s impressive history as a pioneer in regenerative medicine discoveries and techniques.
  • Key organizations supporting the research, testing, biomanufacturing and commercialization of regenerative medicine solutions.
  • Resources regenerative medicine companies, from startups to multinationals, can leverage throughout their research and development process to bring products to market.

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