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Is your city keeping up with the pace of innovation?

Cover of the eBook titled "Unlocking Your City's Potential: Keys to Developing a Vibrant, Dynamic Innovation District."

Bold, forward-thinking ideas are emerging across the country, many focusing on creating a more equitable and inclusive future. From healthtech solutions to community transformation initiatives, strategic collaboration between entities from like and disparate industries leads us to a future far greater than any organization could accomplish alone—and that’s where innovation districts come in.

The Innovation Quarter has helped evolve 300+ acres of downtown Winston-Salem. We put together this eBook to share our insight and experience in developing our innovation district. In it, you’ll discover:

  • The transformative power of innovation districts and ecosystems
  • Ways to weave equity into your city’s identity through diversity and inclusion strategies
  • How to facilitate and leverage partnerships that can shape your city’s innovation landscape

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