Who We Are

Innovation Quarter is one of the fastest-growing urban-based districts for innovation in the United States. Home to more than 170 companies, five leading academic institutions, more than 3,700 workers, 1,800 degree-seeking students and more than 8,000 workforce trainee participants, the Innovation Quarter is a place for research, business and education in biomedical science, information technology, digital media, clinical services and advanced materials—creating a robust knowledge community. The Innovation Quarter currently comprises 1.9-million square feet of office, laboratory and educational space on more than 330 acres. There are approximately 770 apartments and condominiums within or close by the Innovation Quarter. The district is a thriving example of successful placemaking—fostering a forward-thinking environment for innovations, partnerships and community to be developed.

Our Mission

The mission of Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is to drive economic growth and build vibrant community.

We do this by:

  • Facilitating innovation through real estate development, tenant growth and building a vibrant community
  • Engaging with tenants and residents to meet their shared needs, including facilities, services, special activities, programs, events and space activation
  • Creating programs for tenants and residents for the exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • Partnering with local, regional and national organizations to foster entrepreneurship and the start-up community and help attract funding to support growth and sustainability

Our Vision

Innovation Quarter aspires to be a place where diverse people, a unique mixed-use environment and a welcoming culture combine to spark undeniable creativity and collaboration that drive innovation and growth.

The vision of the Innovation Quarter is rooted in a longstanding culture of innovation in Winston-Salem that has existed since the Moravians settled this land. It continued with the manufacturing boom in the early 20th century signaled by the exponential growth of companies like R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Hanesbrands. Today, it marches forward with new global companies like Inmar and future medical innovations emerging from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

The Innovation Quarter is one of the latest incarnations of creativity, collaboration and cooperation in Winston-Salem.

Our vision leverages the unique environment of Innovation Quarter’s downtown location to create an inviting, collaborative hub of scientists, technology leaders and other innovators who can explore professional ambitions against an urban backdrop of a well-educated, culturally varied and creatively rich community.

Our living ecosystem includes educational institutions, government, businesses and community stakeholders.

We aim to bring together multiple facets of the Winston-Salem community at-large to create an inclusive environment that welcomes all citizens, encourages them to think innovatively and provides the resources to help stimulate intellectual curiosity and bring to life their creative ideas—no matter their affiliation.