Wake Forest Biotech Place 10th Anniversary

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aerial view of biotech place and 525 vine at night
A community event held at Wake Forest Biotech Place.

It’s been a decade.

Ten years since the former R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company manufacturing facility opened its renovated doors as Wake Forest Biotech Place. Ten years since over 450 scientists and researchers set up shop in pursuit of advancing their research into commercialized products. Ten years since then-Vice President Joe Biden touted our city’s newest facility as a hub for cutting-edge biotechnology research.

But despite its name, the 242,000-square-foot space, developed by Wexford Science & Technology, has been of service for more than science in its renovated lifetime. Dedicated to health, development, the community and more, here are some memorable moments and events that Biotech Place has provided for the Winston-Salem area.

A former tobacco warehouse in downtown Winston-Salem, which eventually gets renovated into Wake Forest's Biotech Place.
The entrance to Wake Forest Biotech Place.

Remembering the Neighborhood

Roughly three and half years after its opening, Biotech Place served as the perfect location for the Innovation Quarter and partner New Winston Museum (now MUSE) to bring together community members together to honor its background and history—that is, the original R.J. Reynolds tobacco plant and surrounding neighborhood. The event served as a way to remember the historic manufacturing site and grounds prior to urban renewal efforts through stories and panel discussions with those who held memories of living, working and studying there.

Southern Learning and Technology Expo Conferences

Calling all innovative educators! Biotech Place has hosted the Southern Learning and Technology Expo (SLATE). At this day-long, annual conference, regional higher education professionals share their insights, seek feedback, find inspiration and network. Keynote speakers, interactive sessions, project presentations and networking promote collaboration in the Instructional Design, Learning Technology and Education and Development industries.

A presentation held in the atrium of Biotech Place in Winston-Salem's Innovation Quarter.
educational seminar in biotech place

Juneteenth Festivals

A celebration reaching nearly two decades in Winston-Salem history, Wake Forest Biotech Place has served as an exhibit venue for the annual Juneteenth festival. It fosters a great crowd and celebratory environment as the space accommodates food, performances and history honoring African American culture and freedom. The annual event promotes connection and celebrates diversity by bringing together organizer Triad Cultural Arts with the community and sponsors around Winston-Salem.

A male singer with a chorus behind him, singing into a microphone during Winston-Salems's Juneteenth celebration in Biotech Place.
Two people conversing at an exhibit at Juneteenth celebration in Winston-Salem's Biotech Place building.
A group of people gather in Biotech Place to participate in Winston-Salem's annual Juneteenth celebration.

Wellness Events

While much of the Innovation Quarter focuses on healthcare developments, Biotech Place plays its part in promoting health through both research and events. Local companies like the YMCA and WellQ have utilized the space to provide opportunities for community members to engage in and learn healthy practices, including:

  • Free yoga
  • A “Sugar Detox” event, where participants learn about identifying and eliminating harmful sugar
  • Education on how to understand and interpret physical health and financial metrics, such as blood pressure, glucose count, BMI; net worth, debt-to-income ratio, and credit score
A woman hosts a healthy cooking class for the community in one of Biotech Place's rooms.
Members of the Winston-Salem community take a yoga class in the Biotech Place atrium.
A group of fitness lovers participate in a Zumba class held at Biotech Place.

Blood Drives

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter tenants aren’t the only ones who have used the Biotech Place to give back to the community. Community members can donate blood at American Red Cross drives located in the building. Be on the lookout for your next opportunity!

There’s Plenty More Where That Came From…

Biotech Place isn’t all transformational research and testing. Over the past ten years, the building’s rich history and versatility as a mixed-use space has provided Winston-Salem with more than just a place to convene. Its role as an event venue and research hub has helped shape Winston-Salem’s innovation ecosystem and bolster quality of life. We’ll continue to celebrate Biotech Place’s past and look forward to its future.

Biotech Place is home to town hall-style events and more.
biotech place exterior at night
A couple of young women taking a selfie during an event at Wake Forest Biotech Place.
The entrance to Wake Forest Biotech Place.
biotech place common area
biotech place exterior
community volunteering at biotech place
An event held in Winston-Salem's Biotech Place building.