MiMedx Joins the Innovation Quarter’s RegenMed Hub

MIMEDX products developed from regenerative medicine techniques.

MiMedx, a publicly-traded placental biologics company based in Marietta, GA, announced its membership in the Innovation Quarter’s RegenMed Hub. The company joins a handful of others in the Innovation Accelerator program, where they will have access to industry-leading experts from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, state-of-the-art biomanufacturing equipment and other resources to optimize development and manufacturing processes.

Founded in 2008, MiMedx has been a pioneer in placental tissue engineering. To date, they’ve distributed more than two million tissue allografts that address the needs of those with acute and chronic non-healing wounds. Their work also targets decreasing pain and improving function for patients with degenerative musculoskeletal conditions.

A physical presence in the RegenMed Hub, Winston-Salem’s rapidly growing regenerative medicine ecosystem, gives MiMedx unparalleled access to lab space, biomanufacturing equipment, cutting-edge technologies, industry expertise and training programs to support large-scale development.