How ReMDO Changes the Game for Regenerative Medicine Startups

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Regenerative medicine 3D printer at WFIRM

In regenerative medicine, coming up with successful treatments for critical needs is the primary challenge. But, once those developments are researched, tested and perfected, what comes next?

Getting treatments to patients. Successful technology must be standardized and scalable to make its way to the marketplace: that’s where ReMDO comes in.

What is ReMDO?

The RegenMed Development Organization (ReMDO) was formed to help companies speed up the transition from research and development to practice and implementation – from bench to bedside. It’s a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to making biomanufacturing technologies more affordable through efficient scale-up and automation. ReMDO’s ultimate goal is to get solutions and therapies to patients more quickly. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, it’s the first organization in the world to commit to expediting the translation of regenerative medicine technologies to patients.

How ReMDO is Making Regenerative Medicine Solutions More Accessible

ReMDO aims to make treatments more accessible by supporting organizations dedicated to developing regenerative medicine solutions. Several of its resources and initiatives will work together to accomplish this goal.

Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society

The Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society (RMMS) seeks out unmet needs and gaps in regenerative medicine manufacturing. It fuels new idea generation by partnering with private and public stakeholders. Participating members typically represent industry, government, academia and non-profit organizations that focus on cell manufacturing, standards, 3D bioprinting and artificial intelligence-enabled automation. Together, they share knowledge and collaborate to standardize manufacturing processes.

Regenerative Manufacturing Innovation Consortium

ReMDO’s industry-driven Regenerative Manufacturing Innovation Consortium (RegMIC) is made up of industry leaders working to identify regenerative medicine manufacturing challenges. It pools stakeholder talents, resources, and ideas to road map and provide guidance on strategic funding areas, ultimately targeted at accelerating breakthroughs on critical, industry-wide challenges. RegMIC’s input has successfully leveraged over $50 million of government and industry funds to support targeted solutions. Examples include developing:

  • A universal media to accelerate cell therapy and tissue engineering manufacturing product development.
  • A universal bioink with tunable mechanical properties for additive manufacturing (3D bioprinting) of regenerative medicine products.
  • A modular and scalable bioreactor system for regenerative medicine clinical products.
  • ​​A novel, automated, label free cell isolation platform for tissue engineered and cell-based regenerative medicine therapies.

RegeneratOR Test Bed

ReMDO's RegeneratOR Test Bed in Innovation Quarter

ReMDO’s RegeneratOR Test Bed assists regenerative medicine start-ups and growth companies with developing and advancing new and emerging technologies. It offers access to advanced research and biomanufacturing equipment as well as talent and programs aimed at supporting prototypes and initial product development. The test beds offer an ultra-sterile environment in a contained workspace, reducing the need for full clean rooms dedicated to testing.

RegeneratOR Innovation Accelerator

The RegeneratOR Innovation Accelerator offers up space, access to world leaders in regenerative medicine, access to biomanufacturing equipment, access to innovative technologies, and access to new collaborations and funding opportunities. It is attracting companies, start-ups to multinationals, to establish a presence in Winston-Salem, NC, and become part of the growing RegenMed Hub.

RegeneratOR Workforce Development

The RegeneratOR Workforce Development is creating a national, regionally-centered educational ecosystem in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine biomanufacturing by developing, leveraging, and brokering educational and training resources grounded in the unique, world-class research and translational science of ReMDO and its partners in the RegenMed Hub. Joining with partner universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools, ReMDO has established a model pathway to ensure a regenerative medicine workforce aligned with the needs of employers in the hub.

Why Winston-Salem for RegenMed Development?

The existing growth and growth potential for regenerative medicine in Winston-Salem are undeniable:

  • NC is #3 overall in workforce growth and development within the regenerative medicine field, behind California and Massachusetts.
  • Dr. Anthony Atala founded the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) with a team of 20 researchers in 2004. WFIRM has since expanded from a few labs to collaborating with more than 450 Wake Forest faculty members, researchers and staff, and worldwide connections. WFIRM scientists have developed many of the basic principles of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • The innovation corridor between the Innovation Quarter and The Pearl in Charlotte, NC is paving the way for steadfast, future development and influential partnerships.

Additionally, ReMDO is headquartered in the heart of the RegenMed Hub. Through proximity and resources in this ecosystem, the major players cultivating dynamic partnerships, opportunities for growth, and ongoing support are:

  • WFIRM is already a world-renowned leader in regenerative medicine with its ability to go from ideation to concept, research, clinical trials and product development under the same roof. With it comes Wake Forest University in its entirety, which also means access to the Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist health system.
  • The Innovation Quarter is the quintessential spot for businesses looking to grow or further their impact in the regenerative medicine field through accelerators, investors, talent and proper connections. Such assets are often found under the same roof, thus expediting processes that would typically take longer in a disjointed environment.

ReMDO Steps Up for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem

ReMDO is one iron fueling the fire of Winston’s dynamic and burgeoning RegenMed Hub. For more about other major players and the impact each has in our innovative community, or to see how you fit into our ecosystem, get connected.

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The Future of Regenerative Medicine Is in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem’s Innovation Quarter represents the convergence of ideas, research, resources and expertise. The resulting innovation ecosystem fosters developments in regenerative medicine that are transforming clinical treatments and therapies.