Innovation Quarter Tenants Inmar Intelligence and iQ Healthtech Labs Partner to Design Conversational Bot That Provides Timely Information to Patients During COVID-19

3 minute read

Bot creates a streamlined approach to provide answers to patient questions related to the novel coronavirus and other health issues.

Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven technology-enabled services company, in partnership with Wake Forest Baptist Health and iQ Healthtech Labs launched a conversational bot that provides a new avenue for Wake Forest Baptist Health to reach patients and others looking for expert health care information on-line during this challenging time.

The platform brings helpful resources to at-risk patients as well as those concerned about their well-being. This platform’s innate ability to engage with the local community provides a channel to access reliable answers to their individualized questions and supports those seeking care in a time of social distancing.

Some key features of the conversational bot platform include community access to a symptom checker, risk assessment, e-appointment capabilities, updated wait times at local health clinics and giving opportunities. Access to Inmar Intelligence’s network and data allows Wake Forest Baptist Health to expand its ability to accurately connect with current and potential patients locally and provide the crucial resources they need.

“We are thrilled to offer this conversational bot to help both our patients and those in the community have access to current and accurate information they can act on,” said Terry G. Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Wake Forest Baptist Health. “Partnering with Inmar Intelligence through our iQ Healthtech Labs provided the expertise needed to deploy this engagement platform effectively and quickly.”

Inmar Intelligence crafted this solution for Wake Forest Baptist Health using its existing conversational commerce platform, which has the ability to send personalized, one-to-one, engagements through intelligent chatbot messaging. This enables organizations to communicate with individuals on the most popular messaging platforms. The platform also provides the ability to have one-to-one conversations with users at scale which, in this instance provides, Wake Forest Baptist Health patients with custom answers to their questions during a time that is causing a lot of health-related anxiety.

“When Wake Forest Baptist Health approached us for assistance in developing this conversational bot, we immediately got to work on the opportunity to help our local community in its time of need,” said David Mounts, CEO and Chairman of Inmar Intelligence. “We’re honored to provide resources that advance the welfare of our community, and it is something we strive to accomplish day in and day out. We look forward to continuing this strong partnership with Wake Forest Baptist Health and the Innovation Quarter.”

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