Where ideas meet opportunity

Building partnerships that drive innovation

iQ Healthtech Labs brings together the expertise of our anchor academic institutions like Wake Forest School of Medicine, combining with commercial and consumer-minded partners and leveraging the power of our health system partners to test, refine, scale and rapidly deploy healthtech solutions.

A physical and virtual strategic partnership hub, iQ Healthtech Labs leverages the unique, world-class intellectual anchors that exist within the Innovation Quarter and seeks to pair them with industry and commercial partners that have ideas they’re looking to advance into the marketplace.

For more information on iQ Healthtech Labs or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please contact us.

iQ Healthtech Labs Sectors

iQ Healthtech Labs draws upon the growing sectors of focus that have begun to emerge and will continue to be intentionally cultivated within the Innovation Quarter:

  • Value & Health Transformation Sector – Using population health tools, research and approaches to produce insights and models that enable health systems and communities to move to value-based models of care.
  • Healthy Aging Sector – Integrating technologies, exceptional aging & Alzheimer’s research, and innovative approaches to help people live longer and healthier.
  • Virtual Health Sector – Using technology, behavioral economics, and process improvement to make access to high quality healthcare easier, including telehealth, virtual health and retail health delivery.
  • Personalized Care & Precision Medicine Sector – Developing and refining novel approaches (such as genomics and humanoids) that take into account a patient’s genetic makeup to improve health, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to medicine.
  • Learning Systems Sector – Exploring and refining new opportunities, technologies and approaches for experiential learning and teaching through novel methods such as virtual learning.