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Whether you’re looking for a place to live, exploring your career path or starting your own business, the Innovation Quarter has a spot for you.


The Innovation Quarter draws its vibrancy from the diversity of people who live, learn, work and play here; there’s a little something for everyone. Complete with green spaces, restaurants, coffee shops and other hangout spots, the Innovation Quarter has all the elements for an upbeat, urban lifestyle. In addition, there are opportunities for wellness activities, career development and cultural enrichment to round out a holistic lifestyle.


If you’re an entrepreneur with a new business or are in the process of starting one, there are a slew of Innovation Quarter resources to help you make your entrepreneurial aspirations a reality. From office and work space to get you started, to programming to help identify your next step, the Innovation Quarter creates an environment that helps start-ups to take off.


No matter what brings you here, everyone needs a connection. Through the programming and proximity of the Innovation Quarter, rub shoulders with innovators, entrepreneurs, students and artists. Do more than just live or work here; find your community here.

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Find a Spot to Build Your Business

For small businesses of all kinds, the Innovation Quarter has ingredients to help your business grow.


The Innovation Quarter has space for your small business to grow. Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking to expand, the Innovation Quarter provides a range of office laboratory and retail space, depending on your needs. Contact us to figure out where your company can fit in to the Innovation Quarter.


Wherever you make your home in the Innovation Quarter, you’ll be surrounded by other innovative companies and be a part of the larger innovation ecosystem of Winston-Salem. Proximity breeds collaboration, and Innovation Quarter resources such as programming, organizations and infrastructure help create connections with future collaborators and friends.


Innovation Quarter resources for small businesses include a range of programs and events to help build up your company. From the Small Business Center of Forsyth Tech, which helps small businesses acquire the skills and resources they need, to Venture Café Winston-Salem, which is dedicated to creating connections between innovators, the Innovation Quarter is creating an environment to spark growth and ideas.

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Find Room to Develop Your Company

If you’re looking for a place for your company to put its stamp, the Innovation Quarter has a spot for you.


The Innovation Quarter has several development opportunities, including a prime location of 28 shovel-ready acres, ready for your company to make its mark. The land is already prepped with redundant fiber systems with unlimited capacity and other infrastructure, as well as being surrounded by innovative companies of all varieties. Come see what it might mean for your company to be located in one of the fastest-growing knowledge communities in the country.


Discover the Innovation Quarter’s biggest amenity: intellectual capital. From workforce trainees to MBAs to PhDs, there is no shortage of diverse talent. From a nationally ranked university with business, law and medical schools to a historically black university, to one of the state’s largest technical colleges and a professional arts school, the five colleges and universities that anchor the knowledge community here provide talent of all kinds. Beyond traditional education, there is a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem and a host of programming from business accelerators to code camps that are shaping an adept workforce pipeline. Find the right people for your business.


When your company is located in the Innovation Quarter, not only do you join a community focused on driving economic growth, but also one committed to creating a lifestyle focused on wellness, culture and giving back. In addition to being located in an affordable city, the Innovation Quarter is part of a thriving downtown. It’s a vibrant community with urban green spaces, hangout spots, restaurants, coffee shops and all the things that can make a place home.

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