Brinter’s 3D Bio-Implants in Winston-Salem

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A ground-breaking American company with Finnish roots is revolutionizing the field of orthopedic implants—and has become a quintessential member of Innovation Quarter’s burgeoning RegenMed Hub. Brinter, originally established as a 3D printing company, has transitioned to focus on cartilage applications and aims to disrupt the orthopedic implant market through personalized tissue therapeutics.

In a recent interview with Science and Operations Manager Dr. Matthew Brovold, who previously completed his post-doc in Winston-Salem at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), we gained insights into Brinter’s journey, the team’s aspirations, and the remarkable support they receive from both the Innovation Quarter and Winston-Salem entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Disrupting the Implant Market: Brinter’s Personalized 3D Printed Bio-implants

The Brinter team aspires to improve patient outcomes through customized 3D bioprinted implants. While its flagship product will be a 3D printed meniscus bio-implant, Brinter hopes to expand into product lines for ear, nose, and hip bio-implants as well.

What Makes Brinter Bio-implants different?

While current market offerings have a one-size-fits-all approach and are mostly made with synthetic polymers or metals, Brinter’s implants are personalized to each patient using biomaterials. This personalized approach ensures a more natural and effective solution for regenerative repair than conventional implants and has the potential to transform the lives of countless patients worldwide.

“A lot of the current implants that are on the market are not personalized to the patient. They’re using a one-size-fits-all approach and are generally made of synthetic polymers…we are designing products that are made of natural polymers and are personalized to each patient.”

Brinter Joins Winston Starts and Taps into the Power of Local Mentorship Networks

Starting from ground zero, Brinter needed answers to crucial questions like, “where to access regulatory information” and “how to seek guidance tailored to the unique Winston-Salem and North Carolina markets.” Their team sought expertise on navigating the specific markets and ensuring a prosperous journey forward, leading them to Winston-Starts.

Winston Starts is a prominent accelerator program that provides valuable strategic guidance, mentorship and networking opportunities. From touring the space at 500 W 5th to pitch presentation tips, senior mentors were influential to the start of Brinter’s journey with Winston Starts and are a resource that the company continues to look forward to leveraging. Winston Starts and similar initiatives provide vital and, advantageous networking opportunities for startups in Winston-Salem’s entrepreneurial community.

“The networking at Winston Starts has been highly beneficial, not just in terms of the biotech space, but for all businesses that are going through the same trials and tribulations. Having a supportive space where we can find the answers we need during our startup journey is something we’re really looking forward to!”

Location Allure and Why it Matters

Brinter is currently situated on the first floor of the WFIRM building. The company benefits from reduced overhead costs by occupying one of RegenMed Development Organization’s (ReMDO’s) Innovation Accelerator spaces, enabling them to allocate more funds to implant development. As Brinter continues to grow, the team plans to expand their workspace. Furthermore, Winston-Salem provides the benefit of a low cost of living—ranked the 16th Most Affordable City in the 2023 U.S. News and World Report.1

Brinter is actively seeking partnerships within Winston-Salem, aiming to collaborate with different biotech companies and build their advisory board. Brinter’s roadmap includes securing Series A funding to develop more product lines, applying for grants to broaden their offerings and achieving regulatory approval within the next two years. While the company faces many standard startup challenges, being amongst other regenerative medicine companies , regenerative medicine developments and startup support in downtown Winston-Salem enables Brinter to connect with necessary resources while also benefiting future businesses.

“For someone who worked in academia for many years, it’s been refreshing to see the breadth of additional opportunities available in the world of biotech, especially within a fast-growing startup environment. To me the Innovation Quarter has been very influential, especially being able to interact with different groups of people who are excited to see you grow and succeed as a business. It’s been a fantastic journey thus far.”

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