Top Networking Skills in Entrepreneurship

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As the president of the Venture Café Global Institute, Travis Sheridan shares his excitement for growing it into a global network.

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, crafting a strong professional network is a pivotal element for success. While attending networking events and employing effective strategies are crucial, mastering essential soft skills can elevate your networking abilities to new heights. 

Here are five ways to build your professional network, complemented by essential soft skills that will help you achieve them.  

Stay Vigilant for Suitable Events 

Spotting and participating in networking events, conferences and workshops are golden opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and active industry experts. Keep a close eye on local business events, newsletters and entrepreneurial meetups, as they provide a fertile ground for new introductions and forging valuable connections. 

Essential Soft Skills: Flexibility and Adaptability

Networking environments can vary widely, from formal conferences to informal gatherings. Being flexible and adaptable enables you to adjust your communication style and social demeanor accordingly, making you approachable and relatable to diverse individuals.

Prepare Conversation Starters

Breaking the ice with new contacts can be nerve-wracking, but having a few conversation starters can ease the process. Initiate discussions with thoughtful questions or observations about their expertise, recent accomplishments or industry trends. Engaging in genuine and insightful conversations is key to establishing lasting connections and positive work environments.

Essential Soft Skill: Emotional Intelligence

Navigating networking situations with emotional intelligence is invaluable. Being empathetic towards others’ feelings and understanding social cues allows you to adapt your approach and establish authentic connections. Emotional intelligence fosters empathy and builds rapport, making your interactions more impactful and meaningful.

Ask Good Questions

Networking is not about promoting yourself incessantly; it’s about fostering mutual learning and growth. Rather than dominating conversations with your achievements, ask open-ended questions to encourage others to share their experiences and insights. Actively listening to their responses showcases genuine interest and helps you gain valuable perspectives.

Essential Soft Skill: Effective Communication

Clear and compelling communication is vital during networking events. Articulate your business ideas and objectives with confidence and enthusiasm. Moreover, practice active listening to understand the needs and interests of your contacts better. Effective communication nurtures mutual respect and understanding, establishing a strong foundation for meaningful connections.

Give Value and Be Supportive

Networking is a reciprocal process. Focus on providing value to your contacts through valuable insights, resources and connections. Be supportive of their endeavors, celebrate their achievements, and offer encouragement during challenging times. Genuine support fosters trust and strengthens the bond within your professional network.

Essential Soft Skills: Resilience and Perseverance

Building a robust network takes time and effort, and setbacks may occur. Embrace resilience and perseverance to overcome obstacles and continue your networking efforts. Your ability to bounce back from challenges demonstrates determination and reliability, garnering respect within your network.

Subscribe to Communication Channels and Connect on Social Media Platforms

Following up after networking events is crucial for maintaining connections. Send personalized follow-up emails or LinkedIn connection request notes expressing gratitude for their time and referencing your conversations. Mention specific points that resonated with you to demonstrate your active engagement.

Essential Soft Skills: Confidence and Positivity

Confidence in yourself and your entrepreneurial vision is magnetic. Project a positive attitude and energy when discussing your business to inspire curiosity in potential collaborators and mentors. A confident and optimistic demeanor draws others to connect with you and explore synergies.

Embrace the importance of both networking strategies and soft skills, and you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the entrepreneurial world with grace and proficiency.  

Remember, building a powerful professional network is an ongoing journey, and continuous development will enrich your entrepreneurial endeavors beyond measure. 

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