The Startup Ecosystem of Winston-Salem

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What is a Startup Ecosystem?

Startup ecosystems, like startups, come in all shapes and sizes. They all have a different look and feel, yet share common characteristics: They form through a convergence of organizations and individuals looking to innovate and find unique solutions to complex (or even everyday) problems. Their interaction creates a network known as a startup ecosystem that can support startups and other growing organizations.

What Makes a Startup Ecosystem?


What’s a startup ecosystem without startups? They’re the foundation of these ecosystems and play a significant role in the economic growth of their home city. Not only do startups disrupt longstanding industries with new products, services and solutions, but they also bring change and progress to their communities. From creating job opportunities to investing in their neighborhoods, startups of all shapes, sizes and stages are fundamental contributors to startup ecosystems.

Nanomedical startup has found its home in Winston-Salem's Startup Ecosystem
Village Juice is a local business that grew thanks to the Winston-Salem startup ecosystem and community.

Anchor Institutions

Colleges, universities and other education programs provide the talent and training that helps fuel those within the startup ecosystem. These institutions are known as anchor institutions because they play a large role in nurturing the next generation (and even the current generation) of the workforce. Anchor institutions are vital in startup ecosystems because they create a path for curious minds—from researchers to engineers to entrepreneurs—to contribute their ideas and knowledge to the community.

Coworking and Office Spaces

Given today’s innovation climate, many startups seek to spend their workdays in collaborative spaces. Coworking and office spaces for rent are a facet of startup ecosystems because they provide affordable and flexible spaces for startups to work and form a community with others, expand their network and explore potential partnerships.

Incubators and Accelerators

Funding partners are essential to creating a startup ecosystem where startups can thrive. Startup incubators and accelerators provide young entrepreneurs with access to the capital, training and guidance that can help get them off the ground. The ability for startups to form partnerships with incubators and accelerators is a critical component of success, thus making them essential in the startup ecosystem.

Mentors and Advisory Programs

Entrepreneurs might be the first to admit they sometimes need a helping hand—especially young minds eager to bring their solution to life. Advisory and mentorship programs provide the support many need to realize their vision. From navigating regulatory requirements and securing grants to making connections and being a sounding board, mentors and advisory programs are key to providing the guidance needed for a startup to position itself for success.

ACCESS mentors chat about ways to support Winston-Salem's startup ecosystem and minority-owned startups
Advisory programs help startups in Winston-Salem navigate business and growth issues.
Convergence of minds in Winston-Salem's startup ecosystem.

Cross-industry Programming

Collaboration is a thread that runs through a startup ecosystem, and cross-industry programming, helping to facilitate and build community. Events like conferences, pitch days, networking meetups and skills workshops bring like-minded professionals together. On the other hand, holiday celebrations, concerts, volunteer opportunities and wellness initiatives bring the community together. In both instances, the programming provides opportunities for relationships—and potentially partnerships—to form within and across industries in the startup ecosystem.

Winston-Salem’s Flourishing Startup Ecosystem

The right mix of startups and other supporting organizations combine to create an environment ripe for innovation and growth. Winston-Salem has a robust—but ever-evolving—startup ecosystem, thanks to the long list of organizations and players that have helped accelerate the city’s growth and rallied behind the community.

  • Startups: Fluree and Clinical Ink
  • Anchor institutions: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem State University, Salem College, and Forsyth Technical Community College
  • Coworking and office space: Flywheel, Bailey South
  • Incubators and accelerators: Winston-Salem Starts, Greater Winston-Salem Inc.
  • Mentors and advisory programs: ACCESS, Soy Emprendedor, HUSTLE W-S
  • Cross-industry programming: Sunset Salutations, Innovation & Cinema, iQ Fitness Fridays and Food Truck Fridays

Startup ecosystems require intentional planning, growth-oriented partnerships and a collaborative mindset, but there’s no doubt that they contribute to the success of many startups and the community in which they settle.

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The Secret Is Out

Winston-Salem is rapidly making a name for itself as a top midsized city. From a thriving innovation ecosystem to a diverse cultural experience, Winston-Salem has what startups and entrepreneurs need to hit their stride.