Innovation from the Inside Out: TrueLook Brings Cutting-edge Cameras and Culture to the Innovation Quarter

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group of truelook employees in newly redesigned office in innovation quarter

Some say, “you are what you eat.” But when it comes to the people at this successful software company, who they are reflects what they create—both of which can be found right here within downtown Winston-Salem.

Employees working in TrueLook's office in downtown Winston salem
TrueLook employees have enjoyed more space and a redesigned office at 575 E. Fourth St.
View of Bailey Park from one of the TrueLook cameras in the Innovation Quarter
TrueLook cameras overlook Bailey Park and the iQ2 development site, offering 24/7, birds-eye footage of the areas.

What is TrueLook?

Born from a software developer with a Phillips-head screwdriver, 100-square foot workspace, and a prayer, TrueLook is a leading technology company that specializes in live-stream and time-lapse construction cameras and software.

Innovation is truly at the heart of TrueLook, pumping novel ideas, inspiration and growth into its people and customers. From humble beginnings to trailblazers in the industry, the company’s commitment to a culture that’s as forward-thinking as its product has been unwavering in its growth and development.

Seeing is Believing

Check out the Innovation Quarters’ two live TrueLook cameras for yourself. Make sure to select the ‘Live Stream’ button to get a real-time look at bustling iQ!

A Pioneer in the Construction Camera Industry

Originally designed for media and entertainment purposes, TrueLook cameras have provided coverage for high-interest avenues like Wimbledon, the Final Four and NASA. They soon found a new market with construction companies, who valued live viewing, security and time-lapsing capabilities. TrueLook became the first to bring 24/7 live video streaming over cellular and cellular-based cameras to construction sites, improving on-site security, documentation and simplicity for project managers.

“It’s engaging people. It’s just like watching tv. It wants to suck you in, and you want to look and interact with your job…[We want] to capture the attention of people that are paper-driven and get them to be digital. So the software is meant to be intuitive, it’s meant to be easy and it’s meant to be scalable.”
—Roger Yarrow, COO, TrueLook

While the camera’s hardware is sleek, the software is what makes TrueLook’s devices unique. Designed by COO Roger Yarrow, TrueLook’s software (literally) never sleeps and is constantly evolving to provide better user experiences. Most recently, their developers are experimenting with AI to turn captured imagery into actionable data that can help construction sites operate more efficiently.

A “People-first” Approach Keeps TrueLook Ahead of the Curve

TrueLook utilizes customer feedback to help inform and prioritize development. The team focuses on perfecting the capabilities that customers use and need while being cognizant of those considered “nice-to-have.” By tapping into its customer advisory board for real-time feedback on features and future ambitions, TrueLook ensures its products are constantly improving, alleviating pain points and addressing needs. From surveying current customers to analyzing user activity, a customer-centric approach is foundational to its state-of-the art success.

Innovation From Within: TrueLook’s Modern Culture Mirrors Capabilities 

TrueLook's redesigned office in the Innovation Quarter is adorned with various textures and shades of green upon entry.

It’s not only about the customers. TrueLook’s people-first mentality and listening to what works applies within the company’s walls as well. The trendy, newly renovated office was designed to support each team’s dynamics and functionalities. A centralized, open space at the heart of the building houses the Sales and BDR teams, who are constantly communicating and interacting with each other. Executives have offices on the perimeter, while the operation service and support team sits upstairs in what they’ve endearingly coined as “Ops-Vegas.”

Ops Vegas sign on stairs inside TrueLooks Office in the Innovation Quarter
Open workspace with tables, desks and trendy design in TrueLook's office in the Innovation Quarter

TrueLook believes that a fun and engaging environment that’s conducive to how employees work best is essential to fostering creativity and retention. Recognizing that burnout is tremendously common in the tech space, the company employs a heightened emphasis on benefits and flexibility that includes unlimited PTO, happy hours, ping-pong tables and remote work options.

We understand how modern companies work. We do our best to hire people that we trust and who know what they’re doing. If they’re telling us how they prefer to work and how they work best, we listen to them. The culture is understanding what people do well and providing them the tools to be able to do what they do best.—Amy Williamson, People and Culture Manager, TrueLook

A “True Look” Within the Innovation Quarter

TrueLook has moved twice, doubling its space with each move, and now operates out of one of the revitalized tobacco warehouses within the Innovation Quarter. The office is a source of pride and achievement for the company, reflecting its success and growth.

“We have always wanted to stay in downtown Winston-Salem. We deal with a lot of equipment: We’ve got tractor trailers, pallets, a lot of stuff coming and going, so it would be really easy to just go somewhere on the outskirts and get a warehouse and things would be a little simpler for us. But we want to be downtown. That’s where the excitement, the buzz is.” —Roger Yarrow

The Innovation Quarter’s walkability, trendy atmosphere and proximity to a downtown area booming with activity supports TrueLook’s commitment to work-life balance. Such a vibrant ecosystem is also a significant factor in attracting top tech talent.

“I think that’s definitely a selling point for some of our employees that come interview because they get to see downtown Winston—what it looks like, places that they can walk to lunch. I think some of our folks have even moved to the downtown area just to be closer to work and because they’ve enjoyed where the office is.” —Allison Shaub, Chief Marketing Officer, TrueLook 

While the Innovation Quarter gives restaurants, bars and a greenway to TrueLook, TrueLook gives back to the community through both its product and its people. Two cameras sit overlooking Bailey Park and the iQ2 development site, capturing downtown buzz, growth and development. TrueLook believes in making a positive impact beyond its products and strives to be a responsible corporate citizen. Its employees enjoy embodying this by regularly donating time to local organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity and the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission.

View of the sunrise from the TrueLook camera over the iQ2 development site
View of the iQ2 development site mid-day
Sunrise and mid-day views from the TrueLook camera that overlooks the iQ2 development site.

TrueLook’s Bright View of its Future in the iQ

TrueLook exudes innovation from its culture to its cameras, and there’s no intention of slowing down. With its customer-centric approach, commitment to employees and swanky office in the thriving Innovation Quarter, TrueLook is well-positioned to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the construction industry and beyond.

“There’s nothing to stop us. We write our own destiny right now, and what we want to do is be the best at what we do right now, and also look for other areas where we can apply our technology…The future is wide open. We’re going to keep innovating and having fun while we do it.”  —Roger Yarrow 

TrueLook is one of many companies who have found their spot in the Innovation Quarter while breaking industry barriers. See who else is living, working and playing in our innovative ecosystem.

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